Pirata is Antonio Díaz from Los Lagos in the south of Chile. He starts working with synthesizers in the 90's, trying diverse styles and sound design formats with several bands. In 2002, he's invited to join "Manziping" project, where he feels at home and participates playing with them in Earthdance and Mutek 2004 festivals.

After leaving Manziping, he moves to Southern Chile, far from urban scenes but still concentrated in making music. In 2006, he took part in "Memorias de un calabozo [pn006]", a project produced by Alisu, Impar and Pueblo Nuevo Netlabel, inspired by a photo-experimental music intervention inside Parque Cultural ex - Cárcel from Valparaíso.

In November 2007, he presents his first solo work thru Pueblo Nuevo, "Minimental [pn024]", a concept that suggests the different moods that emerged during the record's making, more than alluding to a particular state of mind. In August 2008, he presents his second EP, "Nueva Estación", thru spanish netlabel Escala, including five steady rhythmic, experimental flaired trax.