Hans Carstens

 Hans Carstens is Systems Engineer, musician, and Dj from Valparaiso, Chile.

He encountered music while living in Ilford, London at the age of five where he was actively exposed to listening both his parents' latin music and most of the mainstream european music. He played guitar since high school, which led him to participate on several projects, ranging from rock to jazz to electronic music and Bossanova.

Back in Chile, on early 2000, Carstens and some friends started organizing "Copacabana", "Loop 01", and "Deep Abstrakt Dance" events, mostly in an indie/underground context.
In 2003, he started composing his own material, taking "deep" and "minimal" electronic music styles as his referential frameworks. On 2004, he became a resident DJ at Deck_00 (www.deck-00.cl) performing regularly alongside local /international musicians like Miguel Tutera, Danieto, Vivanco, Eloi Brunelle, Tobias Neumann, Andres Bucci, Manziping, Philipp Sherburne, Vanyla, and others. On December 2004 he appeared at Deck 00 compilation, alongside locals Danieto, Tutera, Bucci, Aux, Mika Martini, Djef, Manziping, and others.