Daniel Nieto aka Danieto is a Chilean producer born in Santiago, Chile. Sometimes he is found in industries designing automatic systems, sometimes in museums transmiting audiovisual works by advanced networks or programing software for engineering or sound design; the truth is that Daniel lives designing tools and it's because creation is what he loves. Art and technology are mingled in his work in many ways, a kind of investigation, development and music composition that carries his music to a new dimension.

He began as a musician in his adolescence as "ADN", pretending that his music could favor the genetic evolution by sonic stimulation, as he states in "Austral" compilation(99), a milestone upon he met respected chilean and german electronic musicians, who those days were composing perturbing rhythms and alienating ambiences. With Pier Bucci he edited two releases as "Skipsapiens", the first in the belgian label "U-Cover Records" and the second one on the canadian label "Mutek Records".

Upon passing by his adolescence and getting into the university, Daniel colaborates with the chilean indie label "Ojo de Apolo" selecting,mixing and mastering tracks of its artists.

It is at this point that he ventures into minimalism and change from "ADN" to "Danieto", basing his music in hypnotic patterns with perturbing microrhythms also psychodelic textures and harmonies. Later on, with Claudio Cisterna, Daniel creates the netlabel "impar.cl" financed by the state of Chile, wich was focused to experimental music. After graduating as an engineer and intervening many industries with alienating technology, today Daniel is in the middle of a controlled chaos, hoping that more entropy will give him an alternative cosmovision and then avoid the metastasis that it is affecting the contemporary arts. His latest work is "nueva estación EP" released on the german label "Level Records"